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There are 4 achievements for speed runs, one for each act, and another for completing all of them. Will I be able to do those runs after I finish the game with a developed character and how, or do they have to be done on the first trial of a certain difficulty?

enter image description here

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Alright, I took the time to try it out, and just finished it (it was pretty close though, even though I'm already Level 30, I finished 5 minutes before the end of the timer).

You can in fact do it with a developed character by going back to the quest via the character screen.

Proof: enter image description here

By the way: The same thing counts for all other achievements. For example, there is one to kill the Skeleton King within 30 seconds, which I picked up along the way, too.

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Congratulation on the achievement. – Ilya Melamed May 16 '12 at 12:25

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