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The skill description of Exploding Palm reads:

Cause a target to Bleed for 745% weapon damage as Physical over 9 seconds.

The description of its Impending Doom rune reads:

Increases the duration of the Bleed effect to deal 745% weapon damage as Physical over 15 seconds.

If the rune changes the skill to do the same damage over more time, doesn't it effectively decrease the skill's DPS? And if so, what is the benefit of this rune? Just to have a bigger time window for the explosion to take effect?

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Great question, been wondering the same myself, but rather suspected an ill formulated tooltip than 1/2 dps :) – kontur Jun 28 '12 at 7:19
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It does the same damage. You're correct, the 'point' such as it is, is to provide a larger window of time in which to trigger the explosion, which makes it a very effective source of AE damage. 30% of a targets max health can be... substantial, if it's the right target.

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