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Possible Duplicate:
How is skill damage calculated based on weapon damage?

I just started playing Diablo (first diablo game for me) and I'm trying to understand what makes my spells more powerful. I know intelligence does but does the weapon I have equipped affect all spells damage?

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Weapon damage (any weapon) affects spell damage. That means if you just found a shiny new 2-handed axe that does more damage than your puny staff, use it. It makes your spells stronger.

PS: WTF Blizzard...

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Yes, as you can read from the tooltips, spells do percentage of your weapon as dmg.

Take this for example Magic Missle where it says they do 110% of the weapon dmg as arcane.

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I would like to add the comment that the detailed skill description isn't set by default in the options. I had to manually check that option to show advanced skill descriptions. – flumpb May 19 '12 at 4:55

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