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Now that a secret level is confirmed, is it as good as the old Secret Cow Level in Diablo II in terms of drops? Does the heavy cost involved in getting there (150,000+ gold) make it worth (equipment wise) to spend the time and money to gain access to the level?

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There's a legendary sword made of rainbows, unicorn smiles, shooting stars, and teddy bear giggles. – Krazer May 19 '12 at 2:43

It is a money sink and nothing else. I for some reason got tons of gold during Act II on normal. I played it normally and didn't get Achievements so did it again just to get them and then my friend got there so I decided to play with him so he could catch up with me so I got even more. By the end I just decided to buy the items since I even got the pattern for it. I am close to hitting 1 million gold Achievement even though I am only in Act II on Nightmare now.

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