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I downloaded the free Epic Citadel demo for the iPhone last night. This game is downright gorgeous. Who'd have thought I'd see the day when games have Oblivion-quality graphics on a phone?

But ... is there a game in here? Is there anything to do other than sightsee? Don't get me wrong, that will be entertaining for a while -- but not enough to justify 84 meg of my phone's storage being gone. :)

Is there anything you can interact with? If so, how?

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This is strictly an (amazingly gorgeous!) tech-demo, not a full-fledged game. It's stated a little more clearly on the homepage than in the app description.

However, I would expect if they went to the effort of building this, and it only took a few weeks, they'll put out something with actual gameplay in the future.

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They demoed actual gameplay, too ... Fingers crossed! – John Rudy Sep 2 '10 at 17:59
The actual gameplay is coming this holiday season according to the creative director and president of Epic during their keynote presentation. – Mark Sep 3 '10 at 22:08

Yeah, like sjohnston said, it is really quite beautiful, but it's only a demo. However, it is planned to be a part of their upcoming game code named "Project Sword" which they said would be released "this holiday season".

If you check out the keynote on Apple's site you can see near the beginning of the presentation, where two guys from Epic Games come up to the stage to discuss it, and they demo the game, which looks a lot like Epic Citadel, until one of the dudes gets an invite, and they go into this super boss, awesome and epic sword battle! :D

Yeah really btw on the graphics though, they're soo awesome.

I can't wait until the final!

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