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I really struggle when I have to take on more than 1 or 2 enemies at the same time. For example when training or villages and I have to fight against up to 4 villagers at once using a staff, or when in a tournament and I'm suddenly ganged up on.

My problem is that, even though I can take them down with 2 hits each, when it goes beyond 1 or 2 guys at the same time, they hit me so often that I'm unable to get a successful hit before the next guy hits me and interrupts. And when I try to block I block one hit and then the next one coming is not blocked. It's very annoying and find myself ending up just clicking frantically, which of course just causes stress and not a good fight.

Any advice on skillfully handling multiple enemies at once?

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The short version? Fight them one at a time.

The longer version: Stay mobile. If you stand still like a chump they'll crowd around you and you'll have nowhere to dodge to. Keep moving so that they'll all come from the same direction and get in each other's way enough so that you'll only be facing one of them at a time. Whack them a few times, but be sure to get mobile again before the others catch up. Circle around play tag, rinse, repeat.

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Increase athletics and wear light armour so you move and attack much faster. Heavy armour is more for cavalry than infantry.

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