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I'm in need of Ocean Sapphires to get from jewel crafting 520-525. I've bought what's left of them in the Auction House. I do not have mining as a profession and am not sure if it's possible to get them any other way.

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If you have an alchemist, you can get them through transmutation of 3 zephyrite and 3 Azshara's Veil. Other than that, you are pretty much stuck with buying ore and prospecting it, which you can do yourself as a jewelcrafter.

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If you are a tank or healer, you can also get gems through the short-supply reward when there aren't enough of these two roles queuing for dungeons. You can also get them from lockboxes that can be pickpocketed if you are a rogue. However, these are random rewards, so it might take a while to get them.

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You'll also get some Ocean Sapphires from Fire Prism's, which is how I grinded out my last 5 points to max Jewelcrafting (bearing in mind this isnt really the cheapest way to get your last 5 points anymore, so check AH first). Note this is a once a day crafted item that resets at midnight accordingly.

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