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"Save players from death 250 times"

What are the mechanics? What methods can I use?

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I think the question should be: how low does the player's health has to be before it would count for this achievement. –  deutschZuid May 21 '12 at 23:46
There are many factors at play now. See my answer. –  Orc JMR Mar 20 at 17:03
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According to this website a save is when you

Deliver the last blow on a monster when another player is at 5% health or less

granted the other player is reasonably close (my guess here is within 1 screen).

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If you survive an encounter with less than 5% of your health, you get a "Survived" fanfare (along with a % of your HP that remains).

Saving players would involve killing the last creature in combat whilst a party member is on low HP. Then do this another 249 times.

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Can't be more specific than that at the moment as I have not tested this. This is a speculative answer at this stage. –  Albort May 22 '12 at 3:05
I've gotten the message that I've "saved" someone only to have them die instantly afterwards during the same combat. So I don't think this is correct. –  Rapida May 22 '12 at 3:08
I did say it was speculative –  Albort May 22 '12 at 3:11
@Rapida your "savee" could still die after you killing the last foe, due to poison, which has DoT effect. –  Bora Jun 1 '12 at 7:02
@Bora that's true, but I've seen it in situations where there were no DoTs being used. I think Phillip is on track by saying it is based on per monster rather than last monster in a combat. –  Rapida Jun 1 '12 at 8:07
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This answer is up to date as of 03/20/2014, game version 2.0.2, and comes from having farmed the achievement right now.

Getting a Saviour callout requires:

  • killing the last enemy around,
  • having an ally below 5% life,
  • having that ally attack that last monster.
  • healing the ally to full life between attempts.

The "victim" player should have two sets of items: one with maximum Toughness, another with no vitality. The "killer" player should just be adequate, but it helps to have a healing spell, so we used a Monk. To farm, we used a following sequence:

  1. Killer optionally drops a heal on the victim and runs off to get a Carrion Bat from a nearby Nest.
  2. Victim swaps into no-vit, then back to tough suit. It gets his life to full and then back to below 5%. Swapping gear takes some seconds, so the victim finishes right when the killer brings a Bat.
  3. Victim hits a Bat and follows it around, waiting for it to hit him enough times. (Often he's already below 5%, only a hit from a player should be required.)
  4. Killer stands aside with Player Health Bars on, and watches the victim. The very moment victims's health goes below 5%, killer darts in and finishes the Bat off.
  5. Victim gets Survivor callout, BOTH get Savior callout.
  6. Goto 1.

Happy farming!

Note: for some reason we didn't get a single callout with a DH victim. Maybe we did something wrong, or maybe the DH is bugged - recently an exploit involving a Sentry saving its own DH was fixed, and they may have broken something. DHs, please test.

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