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What items turn into what when you salvage them?

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As of Patch 2.0, all items level 1-60 now salvage into Common Debris (for white and grey items), Exquisite Essences (for blue items), Iridescent Tears (for yellow items), or Fiery Brimstones (for legendary items). Any of the old crafting items you had were converted into their equivalent new item.

Items from level 61-70 turn into Reusable Parts, Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystals, and Forgotten Souls for white, blue, yellow, and legendary items, respectively.

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That bounty sure looks weird now. –  StrixVaria Mar 20 at 16:36
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust... –  Mana Mar 20 at 17:10
And 61-70 gray/whites turn into reusable parts –  Katustrawfic Apr 8 at 2:01
Whoops! Missed that! –  Frank Apr 8 at 3:46

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