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Can you transfer funds from your battle.net balance?

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You cannot transfer funds from your battle net account too any other means of paying (Paypal, Bank, etc) Once money is on Battle.net you can only use it on battle.net.


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They don't support cashing it out in the normal sense, as Blizzard will not transfer the balance to a bank account for you. However you can link your account to a Paypal account, and "cash out" your balance to that - this is what the Diablo 3 FAQ is referring to. There is a 15% transfer fee on that.

This is also not a universal solution. I believe there may be region/country-specific restrictions on Paypal allowing cashing out of your balance.

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This answer is not correct. You CANNOT transfer a Battle.net Balance to PayPal. You must choose one or the other when you post the item. –  Ramhound May 24 '12 at 11:41

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