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I'm enjoying my first play-through of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I'm playing as a Rogue, and am getting pretty obsessive about my critical chance and critical damage (using gear, lorestones, and sustained effects).

Is there a way to view my damage statistics? I'm mainly concerned with critical chance and critical damage, but wouldn't mind seeing resistances (such as fire, ice, etc), and any others.

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Unfortunately, Amalur doesn't have a hard stats screen. You'd have to look at everything that gives the bonuses individually (weapons, armor, destinies, twists of fate, abilities), and multiply them together. For example, two armors giving +10% and +15% critical hit damage individually would give +26.5% together. I assume that's how it would work, because you could easily become overpowered if the bonuses were added.

This method's kind of a pain, but there's no alternative.

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