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I am playing Bag It! on Android.

In the first level, you can get a ribbon that is labelled "Sweethearts (Milk and OJ)".

I know if I place Milk beside Orange Juice, they get labelled as sweethearts - do I have to pair up every Milk and OJ in the level? I had one pair, and that was not enough to get the ribbon.

I also had the following layout: (M for Milk, O for OJ, C for cereal)



This got me one "Sweetheart" bonus (for the bottom M/O pair), but no ribbon, and also the "Double Date" bonus (presumably for the stacked Milk and Orange Juices), but still no Sweetheart ribbon.

How do I make sure I get the Sweetheart ribbon at the end of the level?

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'Double Date' is for two sets of touching 'sweethearts' (Milk + OJ). – GnomeSlice Jun 12 '12 at 15:04
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To earn a ribbon, you must qualify for it AND finish the level with at least one star.

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The medals are a little unintuitive here - the second ribbon you get (usually unlocked when you score silver) will turn gold when you get it, but the first one will just show up - if it is not a a dotted outline of a ribbon, you have already received it.

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The first one shows up as silver i.e. second prize. The second medal is generally more difficult to get, and that's why it turns gold. – GnomeSlice Jun 12 '12 at 15:07

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