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Last week I was able to buy gems in the auction house. I bought a few flawless square gems. But now when I search for more nothing comes up, no matter what gem I search for. Is that just because no one is selling them, or is there something wrong with the auction house?

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This is a good Q & A for now, but voting to close as too localized as it's basically a transient server issue that will be corrected soon. – Steven May 26 '12 at 15:29
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Currently Commodity Auctions are down for maintenance, which means right now gems cannot be bought or sold.

We have temporarily disabled commodity auctions for the gold auction house. Sales of items such as gems and crafting materials have been brisk since the launch and we're currently working on a number of optimizations to improve the speed at which they can be processed. If you happened to have a commodity auction listed prior to this change, you can cancel the listing from the Auctions tab to reclaim the item.

Please note that while commodities are disabled, players who attempt to sell them in the auction house will receive an "auction failed (error 31025)" message.

We recognize that these items are highly desired and are working to make commodities available again as soon as possible. We'll provide further updates within this thread as they become availa


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For those wondering why, it's because recently, attempting to buy commodities would often eat your gold but not give you anything in return. It appears the approach taken for buying/selling commodities was simply not scalable enough for the number of players (and the popularity of spamming requests). – Theodore Murdock May 26 '12 at 16:29

If commodities are not showing up when you search in the Auction House, it usually means there is something wrong on Blizzard's end. Typically, it's one of two things:

  • Server maintenance. Sometimes Blizzard will disable commodities in the Auction House. Check for announcements on
  • Heavy server load. Just keep trying. Sometimes closing the Auction House interface can help in this instance.

It is highly unlikely that nobody is trying to sell commodities.

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