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I want to get some good loot, and I know clue scrolls are a good way to get good items. I know how to get Lv 1 clue scrolls, but I do not know what monster drop Lv 2 ones. Also, could you tell me the item requirements for Lv 2 scrolls(Shovels, sextants, ect. ect.).

Thank you.

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This page has a list of all monsters that drop Level 2 (medium difficulty) clue scrolls. For completeness, these monsters drop easy clue scrolls, these drop hard clue scrolls, and these drop elite clue scrolls. In addition, as this page says, there are a couple of other ways to get medium clue scrolls, including Shades of Mort'ton chests (Steel and Black), caskets from big net fishing, Manage Thy Kingdom, Evil Trees, and Trouble Brewing.

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