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Are there any very effective combo builds for a Wizard in D3? So far i'm using quite a bit of a mix and sometimes i feel my build isn't really up to standard.

Can anyone recommend me any builds that they think its good and why (or how to use them)?

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possible duplicate of D3 Solo Wizard Builds? – Jupotter May 27 '12 at 5:58
sorry, didn't know. but that question isnt really answered as well. – Kyle Yeo May 27 '12 at 8:49

This is a hit and run build for solo wizard (lvl 58)

LC.Magic Missile | Seeker
(you don't have time in difficult situations to target the mobs :P)
RC.Arcane Orb | Tap the Source
(Decent splash damage)

  1. Teleport | Reversal
    (You have a second chance to get yourself behind the mobs with reversal but be careful not to get in the middle of the fight)
  2. Blizzard | Snowbound
    (cast Blizzard in front of you and run back so that mobs get showered)
  3. Energy Armor | Force Armor
    (the rune does the trick! real life savior!)
  4. Mirror Image | Mimics (Get the mobs destructed while you hit them from afar)

P1.Blur (self explanatory)
P2.Cold Blooded (bizzed mobs get more damage)
P3.Galvanizing Ward or Arcane Dynamo!aWf!cYbbYc

Cast blizzard fall back hit with missiles and orbs. When they get too close teleport or mirror image to distract them. I am usually the only one to be left alive with this strategy in multiplayer games.

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i use 2-hand weapons with this. you don't need attack speed cause you are always on the run. you need to his slow but hard – giskou May 27 '12 at 10:49

It is extremely effective to use Venom Hydra and Blizzard together. With a high DPS, you can safely and easily kill most bosses/elites/champions just with those 2 skills and Magic Weapon active. They key is that the pools of venom from the hydra stack damage, so a monster frozen in the blizzard will start to take multiple pool hits per second. Diamond Skin is always useful as a "Oh, crap" button.

Here's my build at 52:

  • LC: Electrocute + Chain Lightning
  • RC: Arcane Orb + Tap the Source
  • 1: Hydra + Venom Hydra
  • 2: Blizzard + Frozen Solid
  • 3: Diamond Skin + Crystal Shell
  • 4: Magic Weapon + Force Weapon
  • P1: Blur
  • P2: Glass Cannon
  • P3: Evocation
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I think i've got a effective one here,

  1. diamond skin / reflect dmg
  2. familiar / +dmg
  3. magic weapon boost / +dmg and knockback chance
  4. frost shield / reflect dmg LMB. living lightning RMB. blizzard

Passives Blur 20% to chilled or frozen targets (I forgot the name) Paralysis

Discuss. Worked pretty well for me.

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Works where? In Inferno? Also this isn't a discussion forum... – bummzack May 27 '12 at 9:25
I'm just asking. I'm using this for Hell. – Kyle Yeo May 27 '12 at 15:08

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