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I have seen players with a baby dragon as pet in Stendhal.

Cute baby dragon

How do I get one?

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I won't give a spoiler, but this much I can tell: You can get the egg for a baby dragon via solving a quest. Someone will then hatch this egg for you, and you will have a baby dragon then. For spoiler information you can visit the quest section on the stendhal website.

In the wiki there's plenty information on quests, especially in this case you should spend a look at the kill spiders quest, which will reward you with a mythical egg, that you can let an NPC hatch it near the green dragon in semos caves.

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I cannot find any information on baby dragons on that page. Please use >! at the beginning of a line to post spoilers here Thank you –  Wassersturm May 28 '12 at 8:38

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