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For some reason, I am unable to find Part 2 of Leah's Journal in Diablo 3.

I usually pick up Part 1 before the people inside the inn turn into zombies, and have checked back periodically throughout my first real quest (Killing the mothers, etc.) and have had no luck finding it. I have noticed, however, that if I wait until after that quest is completed, Part 3 of her journal appears.

How do I get Part 2 of Leah's Journal?

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To find Part 2 of Leah's Journal, you need to check her journal after completing the Fallen Star by talking to Captain Rumford, but before entering the Cathedral during the Legacy of Cain.

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You actually have to talk to Capt Rumford, then Leah, so she's following you. Then you'll find her 2nd Journal on her table.

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The accepted answer already defines the time period when you can find it. Your answer isn't providing any additional information. – Frank Jun 13 '12 at 18:28
Actually it does clear up that you need Leah to follow you into the room, otherwise it won't be there. – Hiro2k Jul 9 '12 at 2:31

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