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Both of them ask for crafting each of the 4 different Radiant gems, I am very far from having a single one but they seem to be duplicates to me - are there any differences?

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Is to do 1 perfect gem out of the 4. That's why they show you the same list as in the other achievement.

Is to do 1 perfect gem of every of the 4 types.

So basically, you'll get Perfect as tears first, and then do the same thing on every type of jewel. (ruby, emerald, topaz, amethyst)

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I'm a bit confused because both of them have all 4 mentioned in the description with check boxes. Also, if you do a perfect gem you should get Radiant for that. – Alok May 28 '12 at 2:55
The key is that the achievement includes all 4 as criteria for Perfect as Tears, but as soon as you get any one of them it's done. It's so you don't need to craft, say, a Radiant Emerald specifically even though you don't use them. – Ashel May 28 '12 at 2:56

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