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I have completed the game but when I go back to play more side misssions the game only lets me replay the raid on illusive man base and the final battle on earth. I have tried 3 times and have gotten 3 different endings, which is cool. but I want to play some more battles and such.

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Load an earlier save or start a NewGame+ ? – Steve V. May 28 '12 at 17:01

Many missions become locked at set points in the story. Once you reach those milestones, the only ways to replay the locked missions are to start a New Game + (as Steve V. mentioned), load a save prior to the milestones, or start a new level 1 character.

Take a look at this list to see where in the story each mission locks and unlocks for your next playthrough to make sure that you don't miss any!

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upvote for link - thanks :) – Gomibushi May 30 '12 at 9:25
@Gomibushi You're welcome :-) – Brysonic May 30 '12 at 11:45

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