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I'm evaluating whether or not I should get this rather cheap DLC and I've boiled it down to the two following questions. I'll draw the conclusions myself.

  • Does the DLC change the game forever? Is it rather an option at launch or in the settings screen? I know Steam doesn't normally allow you to 'hide' the fact you have DLC purchased for a game.
  • How does the difficulty change? Is the game with the DLC objectively harder, easier or just "randomer" than the "vanilla" game is? Is it meant to be a "new-game-plus" content pack for the players who've seen everything from the game?
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Your question is particularly interesting considering Wrath of the Lamb is PC only, while the vanilla game is PC+Mac. I'd imagine that this would force them to keep the two games apart, but who knows? (someone, hopefully) –  Aubergine May 28 '12 at 20:41

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I have the DLC for the PC, and at startup, the game was different. I believe the DLC is active from the time that you buy it, there is no option to turn it "on" or "off", at least not from what I saw.

And in my opinion, the DLC makes the game significantly harder, but in a random way, if that makes any sense. It all depends on which levels you end up with - if you end up with the regular Isaac levels (basement, caves, depths, womb), then the difficulty will be changed somewhat by the appearance of the newer enemies or bosses. So in that case, it will be ramped up a bit. However, if you end up entering one of the newer, "alternate" stages (cellar, catacombs, necropolis, utero), the random challenges and more difficult level layouts, paired with the possibility of two bosses in one level, as well as the more frequent new enemy/boss encounters, will make for an incredibly ramped up difficulty of play.

Hope my explanation helped, I for one have only played through the new DLC three times, and saw two seperate walkthroughts for it, so that's what I've gathered from what I've seen.

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I should point out that it is now possible to uninstall DLCs from Steam. Right click the game from your library, switch to the DLC library and uncheck the "Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb" entry. I have no idea what that does to your save file, however! Back it up before you try anything. –  badp Aug 10 '14 at 11:07

I've also recently purchased the DLC, and unlike certain games where you end up with two entries in your Steam library, once you download Wrath of the Lamb the old games executable is overwritten, so there's no playing the game without the DLC: enter image description here

Difficulty wise, I'd say the game is definitely harder, for several reasons:

  • Some of the new enemies are much more dangerous than "classic" enemies on the same levels. The spiders (I'm talking about the little flashing ones) are a very good example.
  • The new levels contain additional static hazards (such as the spider webs that slow you down).
  • The new bosses are definitely more difficult than the classic bosses on the same level (though they only appear on the alternate versions of levels, so I'm referring to how deep down you are).
  • Curses can make things even more challenging, such as the curse of darkness that effectively disables your minimap (these just happen at the beginning of a level on occasion, as far as I can tell).
  • Some old bosses are simply more difficult. Famine, for example, can now spawn "juicy pooters" (I have no idea what these are called, the new pooter version that fires two shots at once).
  • Everything is out to get you. There are new dangerous versions of flames and even poop.
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