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I have already bought SC2, and now my copy of the game is not with me. I would like to download it from an official website, but I failed to find the link.

Where can I find the game on an official site?

(If it matters, I bought the EU game)

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You can download it directly from your Battle.Net account.

Click on the Windows or Mac button to download.

(You can even change the language if you want. I bought the French version but was able to download and play with the English version.)

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Go to and login with your account, You should be able to re-download from there.

Under My Games, just click on the SC II boxart, and select Manage Game. There should be a download link.

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Log into your account at and go to "Account -> Your Game Accounts -> Starcraft II". There, you will find "Download Game Client"

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