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After today's patch I've noticed that whenever I cast Mantra of Healing I got a shimmering bubble around me and my followers, at first I took it simply as an added effect to show that I have the Sustenance rune equipped, but at one point I was hit by a fireball just after using the Mantra and the damage was absorbed which I have not experienced before, leading me to the conclusion that my Mantra somehow did it. However, the description does not state any damage absorption nor do I even have access to the rune that actually adds a shield.

So is this a bug? or a new effect that the tooltip hasn't been updated with?

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It is an intended change:

Mantra of Healing (tooltips will be updated in a later patch)
In addition to increasing Life regeneration for you and nearby allies while active, Mantra of Healing will now also shroud you and nearby allies with a mystical shield that absorbs damage for 3 seconds after activiation (up to a limited amount, based on level)


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and that limited amount is 1000 hp, which is pretty crappy – l I May 30 '12 at 11:18
@xy Is this fix? Doesn't scale? – Drake May 30 '12 at 11:40

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