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Possible Duplicate:
How do I breed a Copper dragon?

How do you breed a Copper Dragon on DragonVale? I have spent almost 250 gems trying the Lightning/Metal combo but all I get is Magnetic dragons. If anyone has any other successful combos please let me know.

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Here are combinations that have all have the fastest "failure rate." Meaning the average time wasted if you don't successfully breed a copper dragon is only 2.45 hours.

Breeding Combination 1: CactusDragon + CopperDragon Failure Average: 2.25 hrs

Breeding Combination 2: CactusDragon + MagneticDragon Failure Average: 2.25 hrs

Breeding Combination 3: CactusDragon + MetalDragon Failure Average: 2.25 hrs

Breeding Combination 4: CopperDragon + PlantDragon Failure Average: 2.25 hrs

Breeding Combination 5: MagneticDragon + PlantDragon Failure Average: 2.25 hrs

Calculations done at

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Your answer is great, but turns out this was a duplicate question. Unfortunately, this question was already asked and possibly answered! But since it was such a great answer, I'll give you a +1! – DekuLeaf Apr 9 '13 at 1:02

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