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What is the slash command to speak in General chat on Diablo 3?

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It's /c (for channel)

/c Hello there.

This, of course, requires you to actually be in the General channel. If you joined another channel the same command would let you speak there, and if you're not in a channel the command wouldn't work.

You can also press the Quick Chat button next to the chat box, or just hit the [tab] key with chat open, to choose where your messages will be sent.

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Hitting the [tab] key with the message box open will also bring up a popup that lets you tab between chat channels – Rachel May 31 '12 at 14:04

As Hex points out you can use /c or /csay in any chat channel to speak, once you have joined that channel. You can check out a full list of chat commands here.

Blizz provided a helpful tutorial on joining chat channels here as part of a bug workaround. The relevant portion of which is this :

How to join general chat

Do note that as of patch v1.03 (v., chat settings are saved when you log out, so if you join General and log out, you'll re-join General the next time you log in.

Chat settings and preferences will now be saved whenever you log out

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