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I've been attempting to activate pre-installed games on Desura, which is possible in the application - there is a problem, though.

Apparently it doesn't register the games you have installed on your other Harddrives.

For example; Games on my D: drive aren't being detected, only games installed on my C: drive are detected by Desura.

The problem with this, is that if I wanted to download mods for my pre-installed Amnesia, I can't as Desura doesn't register that I already own and have already paid for Amnesia.

Anyone know of this issue?

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This kind of reads like a bug report, which I would send to Desura rather than post here. – Matthew Read Jun 1 '12 at 15:50
@MatthewRead I don't see why this isn't acceptable here if similar questions about Steam are. If anyone knows a workaround, that's what he wants to know. – GnomeSlice Aug 16 '12 at 16:09

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