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I'm looking for an application that takes a seed and some parameters (such as X,Z coords and radius etc) and builds the files that contain chuck data. I want this so that I can load a large area and then upload this to a map generator site like so that I can see a large area of the map before I play the game.

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I'd recommend the program 'Amidst'. It scans a world or builds from a seed to show what the world will look like: biomes, structures, etc.

You can see as much of the map as you want, as far as you want. It's not amazingly detailed, but every biome is shown.

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Minecraft Land Generator does this, though it requires a server jar and although it says it was updated 6/1/12, the forum thread and the github page do not mention whether it is compatible with the current server versions.

Alternatively, you can use MCedit to pre-generate chunks. It's not as automatic as a command line tool, but its chunk control features can generate chunks within a selection.

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