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Lately, I've been playing Crysis, starring Nomad, The World's Nicest U.S. Marine. (That is, I'm not killing anyone who I'm not required to)

As I type this, I'm zeroed in on a KPA soldier in a humvee. I've got a SCAR, which has a tactical attachment, so I can knock the soldier out if I want to, but I'm pretty sure he'll just wake back up again. The colonel says that I have to secure the crusher so that the Marines can land, which I interpret to mean "kill or knock out all of the KPA".

Is there a way that I can permanently knock out a KPA soldier on a vehicle-mounted gun, or do I have to kill him?

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Have you tried getting in his face and meleeing? Or toppling the vehicle? –  kotekzot Jun 3 '12 at 20:59
Never tried toppling the vehicle. I'm playing on hardest difficulty so getting up close and personal against a machine gunner is usually too painful to attempt. –  Steve V. Jun 4 '12 at 5:20

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Going to knock him out is quite..... suicidal. You can snipe him out, shoot in the face, but to jump on the car and melee him out, that is a dare devil, especially when you play at higher level, Trust me, I played at post Apocalyptic soldier, and doing that will result in my death in just one second.

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