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I've been trying the claymore out in Guerrilla mode, but I'm not sure how it works. It blows up, but I'm not sure when. When I lay it, it shows a cone of vision or something, but I'm not sure what that does. I also haven't seen them blow up a vehicle. What determines when they blow up? Do vehicles activate them too?

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i don't know about the vehicles , but these are anti-personal directional mines , the red cone indicates it's proximity sensor, it means if someone gets caght in the direction of the cone the mine blows up inflicting small radius damage , it is useful agains most of the enemies , except Bodarks , since they're tougher , 2 claymores are required to kill a bodark , unless he stands too clos to it or have taken damage before, and i don't think it would have much effect on vehicles , try LMGs and grenades+ grenade launchers , thes work best against vehicles , specially the LMG , since they penetrate one level of wall and has enough power to damage the vehicle properly

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