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I've just reinstalled TF2 and I used to have the Quake 4 sounds playing when hitting people, which was great. Now I'm back to vanilla.

I've found the hitbeep I wanted, how do I go about to installing it?

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Is this melee only or does it trigger anytime you do damage? – Steve V. Sep 10 '13 at 15:59
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Open this folder:

...\Steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf\custom\myleetdingaling\sound\ui

(...where myleetdingaling can be anything at all.)

Put the file here and make sure it's called hitbeep.wav. If your hitbeep is an MP3 file (or something other than a Wave file), you can convert it to the .wav format with VLC.

If you want an hitbeep but you don't know which one, you can find some here, already converted and named correctly.

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