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I have tried for a long time to get onto the Ossuaire in The Saboteur, but I don't find any place to climb it. The yellow lights have not been helpful either. How do I reach the scenic spot?

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is the mission called Behind The Convent Gate? – Taz Jun 10 '12 at 5:18
@Taz: yes, I think so. – Felix Dombek Jun 10 '12 at 7:35
I have posted the solution to the mission and also to help find all the Scenic Spots since L'Ossusaire seems to not have one all others are included. As your questions asks about both. – Taz Jun 10 '12 at 7:53

Below is the walk-through for the mission that involves L'Ossusaire. However, in this mission it is not a requirement to be on the roof. Also included is steps to obtain all the diffecult Scenic Spots.

Behind The Convent Gate (optional mission)

Talk with Wilcox in the church to start this mission. He wants you to blow up an old abbey.

Objective: Go To L'Ossusaire

Drive to L'Ossuaire, its on the other side of the map east of Lorainne.

Objective: Destroy L'Ossusaire

You need to destroy several targets marked around the abbey. You'll want to take out the guy in the tower by the gate to grab his uniform, makes sneaking around inside the abbey easier.Blow up each terminal, and don't forget to collect the post card on the floor behind the right side machine gun before you blow that radio station.

  • Nazi Radar Emplacement (x3)
  • Nazi Radio Tower (x6)
  • Nazi radio Controls (x5)

    When all the targets are destroyed you'll complete the mission.

Taken from here.

However, to find all the Scenic Spots, the below is how to get to them.

There are hundreds of freeplay objectives around the map to destroy. These range from searchlights to AA Guns. For each one destroyed you will be paid a small amount of contraband. Contraband is required to buy weapons and ammunition. You need to buy maps to show you where all the targets are.

You can complete the free play objectives at anytime even during missions.

06.01 - Scenic Spots

I have listed how to get some of the scenic spots that I found tricky to get and how to get to them. The way you get up them on each building look for the yellow lights they usually mark the way.

Scenic Spots (Paris 1)

1) Top of building in La Halles You need to climb up to the western side. On the triangle roof face south and run jump up the wall. Alternatively just climb the ladder around the corner. You can climb to the top easily from here.

2) Top of circular building in La Halles When you get the one on the bigger building use the wire to slide across to the other.

3) top of building in La Bourse Climb up the drainpipe in the southeast corner of the building. About halfway up Jump off onto the platforms to the left. Face south and running jump away from the building and you'll grab some planks. Pull yourself up. Go along planks and up the ladder. Jump up to the next set of planks.
Grab the ledge at the top of the building pull yourself up twice and you'll be on the roof.

4) Building In Opera District Use the wire on the building to the west to slide over. Move right slightly then climb up. Face away from the building jump away from the building then quickly back and you'll be on the roof. This bit can be tricky but once you've done it then it plain sailing.


1) Climb the pipe near the door up to the roof

Champagne Ardenne

1) Climb on top of house and face tower. Jump at the window on the tower and climb up.

Le Harve

1) Top Of Lighthouse - use the windows to head up in an clockwise circle. 2) Top of castle - climb up inner bell tower in courtyard in the middle of the castle in the far north west of the map. Once inside the bell tower climb up the inside wall in the north east of the tower to get to the top.

Paris 2

1) South of Champs Elysees, climb up the ladder on the south west corner of the "D" shaped building. Jump up and shimmy right and you should be able to climb up to the walkway on your right. Climb up the small ladder again and its near the guard tower.

2) South of Champs Elysees, use zipline from roof of 2 above. Climb one of the square structure on the corner of the building and running jump towards the arch. You should be able to run up to the platform and climb up.

3) Trocadero - use the scaffolding and windows to climb to the roof. Ascend a big ladder then turn around and climb a massive drainpipe. Jump across to ledge then climb up.

4) "A" shaped building south of opera district text. Approach from the north and you should be able to climb the outside easily. Once on roof head to the spot in the centre of the building.

5) Big coliseum style building just south of the Gare Saint Lazarre. Look for the wire from the building to the west. Climb that building and cross the wire. Drop and press right to grab the walkway and then pull yourself up. Jump up to the ladder and you're on the roof.

6) Isle De La Cite (east building) - Grab a Nazi uniform and swim in from Paris zone 3. Climb up the ladder and enter the area. Go to the north side of the big building. Climb up the small scaffolding then onto the pointed roof. Ascend the drainpipe and climb up onto a platform before climbing up another drainpipe. Pull yourself up to the roof and you're there.

7) Gare Saint Lazarre - on the building behind is a connecting walkway you need to use that to cross to the building with the spot. Use the small ledges along the station building. The last jump up can be tricky you have to do a running jump up the building then press right to grab the ledge near the walkway. Pull yourself up on the roof and its easy from here.

Paris 3

1) Isle De La Cite (west building) - along the inside northern wall is some scaffolding, use this to climb up. Then climb the wall and its on the roof.

2) Isle De La Cite (west building) - along the outside corner of the wall there is a row of lights. Climb up the post on the corner and up to the ledge.
Pull yourself up then climb up the window and the wall to the roof. Climb up the small scaffolding on the roof to the scenic spot.

3) Montparnasse far north near check point. Go around the back of the building and climb up the door in the bit sticking out. Climb onto to the main building and shimmer left or right to the corner then pull yourself up.

4) Montparnasse far north near check point. Climb up the build building.
Locate the scaffolding on the west side of the building. Climb up the first short ladder. Make your way up the scaffolding to the spot on the top of the building.

5) Top of building near Paris Saint Germain. Use the ladder on the south side of building to get to the first roof. Head west and climb up the next ladder. Go to the north side of the building and there is another ladder up to the next roof. Then there is a final set of scaffolding to climb.
Jump up and pull yourself up inside the dome.

6) Top of the Eiffel Tower. You need to use the lift to get to the first level. A second lift will take you to the next level. You then need to use the stairs and ladders to get to the summit.

7) Church north of Saint Germain. Climb up the low roof of the north side.
Go all the way around to the south side and climb up on the outcropping stone. Pull yourself up to the roof. Follow the roof to the scaffolding and climb the ladder. Jump to the next platform with a ladder up and climb it.

8) Big building south west of Latin quarter. Climb up the scaffolding on the south side of building. Jump to the drainpipe and pull yourself up.
Shimmer right along ledge and pull yourself up. Climb ladder to roof. Now climb up the ladder by the scaffolding in front of you. Then climb up the next set of scaffolding you see. Climb up to the ledge and pull yourself up. Follow the walkway left. Climb the ladder to the very big gun at the top. Climb up little ladder to get on the gun. Climb up the ladder at the side of the gun. Climb up the next two ladders to the spot.

9) Building north east of Eiffel Tower. Look on the east side of the building for some lights and climb up the windows to the roof. Running jump east to the planks opposite. Follow the ledge around to the scaffolding and climb the ladder. Climb up to the next level then use the window to get to the plank in the corner of the building. Do a running jump up the wall then pull yourself up onto the roof. Look for the window with the wooden ramp in front. Climb onto the ledge then use the left hand side of the window to climb up. Grab the top of the window. Shimmer across to the ladder and climb up. Then jump up and climb up the remaining wall to get to the top of the building. Spot is on the south side.

10) Directly east of Eiffel Tower. On the south side of the building you'll see a light. You should be able to climb up the middle of the door.
Shimmy left and pull yourself up. Climb up the wall to the left and pull yourself up onto the wooden walkway. Make your way to the one to the west. Drop down and cling to the ledge. Jump and shimmy around the stone then pull yourself up to the next wooden walkway. Then climb to the next wooden walkway and up onto the roof. You should see the spot to the east along the roof.

11) This in on the big ferris wheel in the fairground. You can use the outer leg to run up to the centre of the ferris wheel. Jump out and grab one of the spokes of the wheel. Climb and pull yourself up until you can't go any higher. Then you can make your way along the edge other wheel so you can make your way up to the top. When you get there hang on the outside and jump up and you'll pull yourself level with the final spot inside the car.

Taken from here.

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It's called Ossuaire, not Ossusaire (it's French for Ossuary) and the scenic spot on top of it is not in the guide, which I found with Google myself ... – Felix Dombek Jun 10 '12 at 8:59
@FelixDombek post your answer up for others. – Taz Jun 10 '12 at 9:03
My answer? There is no answer, I can't find any information about this scenic spot online, but I think there is one because (1) there is one on basically every special building in the game, (2) there are yellow lights marking the way up. I just don't see where to start! The only thing I can imagine is that one could use a sniper tower near the Ossuary to jump on it, but I took that tower down before I noticed the yellow lights. However, all other scenic spots in the game are always reachable (the way up can't be destroyed), so I don't really believe that this one isn't. – Felix Dombek Jun 10 '12 at 9:18
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There is no scenic spot on top of the Ossuaire. (I was misled by the existence of yellow lights, and I thought that every major building in the game has a scenic spot on top of it, because the others do, and I had not bought the map of targets yet.)

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