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I've played trough the original distant worlds several times, but the return of the Shakturi expansion pack is giving me some difficulty.

Two years ago the Shakturi began their war on the on the good races of the galaxy. At the start of the war I had several colonies near their borders, my military was the most powerful in the galaxy.

Start of the war In the above screenshot my empire is represented in Dark blue. The light blue to my south west are the Great Ackdurian kingdom, who are my allies. The Shakturi territory is the Purple area in the south east.

Two years into the war things have turned a bit desperate. Shakturi world destroyers are destroying planets with impunity. My own fleets have proven to slow to catch those of the Shakturi, when combat does take place the Shakturi usually outnumber and outgun me.

The Great Ackdurian kingdom has been wiped out, and my colonies in Kiadia, Osis, Lanos and Vun-Alea have been destroyed. two years into the war

The core planets of the human empire are now threatened directly by the Shakturi. My military has been gutted, and I still have not found a way to deal with world destroyers popping into a system and immediately destroying a planet.

Is my situation hopeless? Is there anything I can do to defeat the Shakturi or should I have handled things differently at the start of the war?

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You should have gotten yourself several Planet Destroyers that you use to destroy their planets when they're not there. Never take on their fleets 1 on 1. Your fleets will only be annihilated. You're probably dead now. But for next war, strike where they are not. And fall back when they come. Also, do the quests for the Ancient Guardians. It's the only way.

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