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Do I have to watch broadcasts in their entirety or am I able to click the TV screen and then press Esc? Does the screen always show static if I've viewed all broadcasts so far? How many unique broadcasts are there? Are there any special steps required to show a specific broadcast that I should be aware of (e.g. relating to Media Blitz)?

Couch Surfer
View 10 television news broadcasts.

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I got the achievement immediately after starting to watch a broadcast, so I'm pretty sure you just have to click on the TV to start 10 separate broadcasts for it to count. You shouldn't need to watch each entire clip.

I can also confirm that there are more then 10 clips in total, since I got the achievement before you go to Char. Just to be sure though, I'd recommend clicking the TV every time you see the floating tooltip text over it, indicating there's a new broadcast.

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I can confirm there is much more than 10 different broadcast since i clicked the TV after each mission and got the achievment way before I was even able to go to Char. – PeterK Sep 13 '10 at 6:31

there are definitely more than 10 as I got the achievement even before I finished watching all the broadcasts. Just to be sure, just watch the entire broadcast or keep clicking to "fast forward" to the next dialogue.

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