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Looking over the description for the Frozen Asset trophy I see there should be 4 side missions. On my Good playthrough I helped the Ice Soldier and...none of the other missions showed up.

I haven't completed the rest of the non-Ice Soldier side missions, but I've completed the game and am on Chapter 40: Aftermath. I've never done an evil side mission in this playthrough, yet I don't see any of the other three Blue side missions for this quest and I haven't gotten the trophy.

Do I have to get this achievement before the end of the game or are there some other conditions at work?

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Not sure why it wasn't on my map before, but today when I played I did in fact find the Stay Frosty,Big Chill and Mercy Kill missions (in order) on my map and was able to play them, so you can play them after the end of the game, though playing certain Evil sidemissions on the second island (Floodtown and Gas Works) will lock out the missions forever (as my Evil playthrough confirms).

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Yes you do. You can pick either frozen asset or the shapeshifter girls powers. I would prefer frozen.

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