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I have very few tenants, but lots of spaces I could place them. Problem is, I don't have very many unlocked, and I am not quite sure how to unlock more of them.

How do I unlock more of them?

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I found a Japanese wiki here.

I ran it through Google Translate, and got this list of tenants. I've replaced the names with the English ones for those that I know and tried to translate the requirements as best I can.

  • Idea Room: "Employees create items in the Fall season" Store ranked in the top 500.

  • Storeroom: "Increases your product inventory size" Perhaps it's registering for the Space competition for the first time?

  • Toilet: "Increases your cleanliness rating, rate at which you aquire medals, and purchase limit" I think this one is registering for the Cleanliness competition for the first time.

  • Dumpling (Takoyaki) Stand: "Increases your purchase limit" Store ranked in the top 900.

  • Crepe Stand: Ibid. Unknown requirements. I believe this is for getting 3 star rapport with Ladies' Apparel, though.

  • Nail Art (Salon?): Ibid. Rank a clean; perhaps get first place in the Cleanliness competition?

  • Piercing (Store?): "Increases rate at which you aquire medals and purchase limit" Unknown requirements

  • Fitness Gym: Ibid. 3 star rapport with Fine Shirts

  • Glasses (Kiosk/boutique?): Ibid. 3 star rapport with Merry Madam

  • Beauty Salon: Ibid. 3 star rapport with Best Men's Tailoring

  • Bookstore: Ibid. Store ranked in the top 300

  • T-shirt Factory: Ibid. (This translates roughly to "Splendid/brilliant International friendship rating 3." It sounds like it is referring to a specific maker.)

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