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I've now completed the story in FF13-2 and am starting to get stuck into the 'extra' bits.

It seems that I need two collectors catalog items to help me farm better items. I'd like to get them so I can farm lv4 bio monster mats quicker.

I think you win it in Chocobo racing, but I've never seen it as a reward, am I doing something wrong?

I tried up to Fal'Cie class with my max level gold chocobo and never saw it. I wasted so many casino coins on shuffle items :(

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You can actually get a Collectors Catalog from Chocobo Racing but Chocobo racing is actually required to obtain it. Follow these steps, but I warn you, it is a long and arduous task:

  1. Acquire a Golden Chocobo from 'A Dying World - 700AF'. It's found in a dead-end somewhere. (You've already done this, but so others know).

  2. Max-out this Chocobo's stats. I think the max is level 45.

  3. Go mental. Race at the Chocobo Arena until you reach Fal'cie class.

  4. Keep an eye out for the race Dahaka's Stake. This race sometimes gives the item Collector's Catalog. You can use items ( I forget which ) to refresh the items rewarded from this race.

OPTIONAL: This will max out a Collector's Catalog

  1. Obtain one Collector's Catalogs from step 4 above.

  2. Obtain two Pheonix Bloods. If you don't have some already in your inventory then they can be bought for 1600 chips at the Casino, which you should have amassed from your racing anyway.

  3. Obtain two Sunpetals. These are dropped in windy Archylytte Steppe from the Microchu but these are a rare drop

  4. Go to see Chocolina at the Archlytte Steppe and you can buy a Durable Collectors Catalog for 40,000 gil a piece.

  5. Enjoy your upgraded Durable Collectors Catalogs which increase item drop, gil etc etc

Ah yes, they're not stackable see my answer here to see details on drop rate improvement from accessories / abilities

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So it's just this single race that I need? Do I have to shuffle loads in order to get it to show up? Do I want the regular shuffle item or the 'graded' shuffle? – David Yell Jun 13 '12 at 12:07
Pretty sure they don't stack. – Frank Jun 13 '12 at 12:07
@DavidYell You can use either, but statistically speaking it would be more likely with the Graded Shuffle – jumping_code Jun 13 '12 at 12:12
@fbueckert I thought so, I was 100% sure I'd answered a question saying as much and had the exact percentages for what each does, alas I couldn't find it. – jumping_code Jun 13 '12 at 12:12

Chocobo races. You get to a certain level and you'll find it. Races are in Serendipity. Best chocobo is golden chocobo.

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