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Every now and then, instead of getting a weapon gem over SpotPass, Palutena sends over a ??? gem instead. They can't be converted into weapons, they can't be fused, and selling them provides a measly 5 hearts.

If I had to guess, these gems represent locked weapons (e.g. Zodiac weapons) and will reveal their "true forms" once said weapons are unlocked. Is this it, or something else entirely?

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You May Be Right It May Be A Locked Weapon !Source! – Add13 Jun 14 '12 at 2:53
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The gem is ??? because you have to unlock it in a Treasure Hunt, or find the equivalent Zodiac weapon.

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All I know is that you unlock the ??? Gem if you continue playing the game, it eventually will become a weapon, or you haven't found it in the treasure hunt.

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