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I hear there's a limited-time Solstice Dragon that looks like the Sun Dragon for the Summer Solstice. There was no in-game update referencing the dragon at all.

How can I breed a Solstice Dragon?

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From the Dragonvale Wiki entry on Solstice Dragon:

The Solstice Dragon can be bred by selecting an Earth or earth hybrid dragon to mate with a Blazing Dragon at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

Solstice Dragon may also be bred using Sun and Solstice Dragon which has roughly a 50% chance of the result being a Solstice Dragon.

The breeding time for a Solstice Dragon is 23.5 hours. Note you'll need a Sun habitat to hatch one, they are Sun elemental. According to the Dragonvale Facebook pageThey will remain until June 27. It's suggested by BackFlip that it's easier to get one during the day of the solstice (that's June 20th for the summer solstice). It will keep returning during the winter and summer solstices.

Note that the Sun/Solstice pairing has a higher chance of getting you a Solstice Dragon, but the breeding times will be much longer for failures. Also, due to the requirements of a Blazing Dragon, you'll need to be level 14 in order to breed the prerequisite dragons.

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