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I've difficulties surviving in the last campaign mission in Warcraft 3 on the highest difficulty settings. After capturing the mines and building as much of an army as possible, I get decimated by the incoming forces faster than I can rebuild. I usually end up as sole survivor (Hu/Orc base destroyed) after 10 minutes. I tried various stuff, including building wells near the place of battle and walls of ancient protectors, but to no avail.

I'm wondering if it is actually that hard, or if I just do something wrong. I was about level 30 on the solo ladder so I think my micro and macro is not utterly crappy in general.

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This is not the frozen throne, this is Reign of Chaos. – Raven Dreamer Sep 13 '10 at 3:50
Woopsies. Right. – mafu Sep 13 '10 at 17:38
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What is your strategy in terms of supporting your allies with defensive structures / force composition? What I usually ended up doing is simply sending troops to assist the human base while building ancient protectors amongst Thrall's orcs.

Are you using druids of the talon? Prodigious usage of cyclone against the enemy heroes will definitely make things easier.

The way the AI is set up, once a base is destroyed, the attack waves revert to the (easiest) early waves -- so the longer you hold one base, the less time you have under assault from the crushingly cruel "GG waves" that you get hit with after you've been defending for several minutes.

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One easy way to win is hide a large number of Ballistae behind the trees in the human base. In order to kill the trees, use Malfurion's Force of Nature spell or simply attack the trees with your Ballistae.

When the undead destroy Jaina's base, they will be unable to finish constructing their buildings because your Ballistae will be constantly firing.

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Another really cheap way to do it is as follows:

  1. Take Tyrande to the shop near Thrall's base. Make it so her inventory contains 3 x invulnerability 3 x goblin land mines

  2. Let the Undead destroy Jaina's base.

  3. Just after Jaina is defeated, run in with Tyrande. Use invulnerability potions as required to avoid getting killed, and use the mines to destroy the necropolis and all the acolytes. Once you have done this, the rest of the mission is very easily completed, because the undead attack forces shrink significantly.

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Just finished the game in 2016 again in hard mode. Here I have a non-cheesy honorable way (without blowing up the undead's base) of winning Twilight of the Gods mission.

The key to win I think is to have massive dryads with a few hippogryph riders. That's the only way you are able to survive the hardest waves of undead army, which are

  1. Hardest: undead hero with infernals, hell hounds, doom guards etc.
  2. Abominations and necromancers.

Bears (druids of claw) are vulnerable to both mana burn from hell hounds and cripple spell from necromancers. Huntresses are generally too fragile.

Dryads are perfect for the listed 2 waves because of its spell immunity. As of the damage output, the slow poison can greatly slow the entire process of combat, during which Furion's Tranquility spell can increase their survivability significantly.

The added hippogryph riders can boost the damage output quite a bit, especially with the true shot aura and focused fire. And the undead army has much much more fire power to the ground army than that to the air. If you have extra APM, the hippogryph riders can be easily pulled out of combat to the fountain of life.

The ultimate wave of undead is launched roughly 15 minutes after you move to a new base. Hence if you can defeat one or two ultimate waves, the victory is yours. The easiest way to accomplish this, is at Thrall's base thanks to the goblin mines. You should always purchase the mines, and probably better save them for the ultimate waves - the hell hounds, doom guards and infernals. Infernals are the most difficult unit here because it's spell immunity and large hit points pool. Save the mines for them.

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If you can't micro well, like me, I found that massing dryads and casting starfall + tranquility works. And of course build stuff in orc base like Raven said. Also, armor upgrades before attack.

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Just finished this mission on normal. I held the human base for about 15 minutes with both heroes. One casting the AOE healing spell, hit the other with the Starfall spell and a mixture of units. That's what I would suggest too.

After that, you need to put a bunch of protectors on the edge of Thrall's base to support the towers, by this point you should have a good group of hippogryphs and archers. Combine them to make hippogryph riders and make druids of the claw. As many as you can. Then just use Tranquility and Starfall in conjunction with your normal units and you should be able to hold the Orc base until Archimonde bum rushes you at the twenty second mark. The druids make great healers and it actually takes Archimonde a few hits to kill one of them.

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The OP specifically was asking about the highest difficulty setting. Do you know if your strategy will get the job done on the highest difficulty? – CloudyMusic Mar 10 '14 at 5:49

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