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Here's some other information I can add:

  • In this playthrough I used the Bottomless Box trick;
  • I won the Pyromancies Trophy without having all pyromancies with this char.

I have all sorceries from this list.

I really don't want to play all the game again to get all those spells again. Any ideas?

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From what I've been able to find, there's no record of the spell acquisition trophies being glitched in Dark Souls. It may be a stupid comment, but are you absolutely sure that you have all the sorceries? You've probably double- and triple-checked, but just in case.

My only other thought is that by using the BB glitch, you've glitched the trophy. Googling the glitch doesn't turn anything up but I can see it being possible. Did you use the glitch to acquire any of your sorceries? If so, try re-acquiring those that you used the glitch to get. Apart from that, I have no idea; it may be necessary to just bite the bullet and play through again with another character.

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There's a similar trophy/BB glitch issue with the Knight's Honor trophy as well:…. Might be related, caused by the same underlying code. – YellowMegaMan Aug 16 '12 at 0:17

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