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I looked in the "friends" section of the PSN website, and I couldn't find any way to search for other friends to add.

Can this be done anywhere online or can it be only done through the console system?

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The ability to add friends via the website is a popular feature request (a quick Google search will turn up dozens of threads going back years asking for it), but it has never been added.

So as of now, you can only do it through the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita (oddly, you can't even add friends on the PSP).

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The PSP has basically no PSN support except as a download portal, so it's not surprising. It was made before the PSN after all – Ben Brocka Jun 16 '12 at 16:51

Still can't add friends from the website, but you can use the official PlayStation iOS/Android app:

enter image description here

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