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So, I've been playing Pokemon since the first generation was released in the US when I was maybe 9 years old. I've recently stated to get back into Pokemon, but the thing is my strategy is still the same one I had when I was 9, and as you can imagine, it's not very complex. But in discussions with people about the game, I continually find there are so many more levels (pun intended) to it than just grinding a few Pokemon I think look cool and who are the opposite type against whatever Gym I will be up against.

What are some strategies in Pokemon to build a strong party (or parties)? And what aspects of the game should 9-year-old me have learned to be better and actually be able to beat my friends in duals?

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I found this really useful: Pokemon Competitive Battling Strategies

A team should not have all Sweepers, all Tanks, or all Annoyers

  • A sweeper is a Pokemon that can charge up energy, and then wipe out an entire enemy team with its increased stats. (Such as dragon dance Tyranitar)

  • An annoyer is a Pokemon that can inflict moves that annoy the opponents, with status effects, etc. (Such as Golbat)

  • A tank is a Pokemon with a lot of health. (Such as Blissey)

Here are some of the teams the website suggests:

  • Physical Sweeper, Physical Sweeper, Special Sweeper, Special Sweeper, Tanker, and Annoyer.

First, two of the six Pokémon need to also be a Hazer or Pseudo-Hazer. This will be the theme to all of the sets, because Hazing is so important that it's critical to have some Pokémon doing it. Second, a Spinner would be a great addition to this team, since this team relies mainly on attacking power and Spikes would greatly hinder that. You might make one of your Special Sweepers a Starmie since it can be both a Special Sweeper and a Spinner. Also, you might want to make your Tanker or Annoyer a Pseudo-Hazer since they are the prime candidates. Again, start with Zapdos or another fast Pokémon.

  • Baton Passer, Physical Sweeper, Physical or Mixed Sweeper, Special Sweeper, Tanker, and Wall.

Ninjask is perfect for this team, because Speed Boost will benefit all Sweepers and even Tanks. Plusle and Minun are also great because they benefit your special sweeper, rather than your Physical one, by using Nasty Plot. If you do manage a Swords Dance with Ninjask or a Nasty Plot with Plusle/Minun, then Baton Pass it to your Physical/Special Sweeper because it can really Sweep. The Tanker and Wall are for switch-ins, such as when the Sweeper encounters something that you're sure it cannot KO. The Tanker or Wall would then absorb the damage, sending out Ninjask again or another Sweeper when you predict a switch. This relies on some prediction. You can have only one Pseudo-Hazer in this team since this is a fast-paced team, and you should try to defeat your opponent before they can set up their Stat Changes.

  • Physical Sweeper, Special Sweeper, Physical or Mixed Sweeper, Drainer, Tanker, and Cleric.

This is a Sleep Talking team, even though it doesn't show it. Two of the Sweepers should have Rest, and so should the Drainer and possibly the Tanker. Then, the Cleric should pop up from time to time to use Heal Bell, and it would be good if this Cleric is a Tanker or Wall (not someone that can't survive very long like Vileplume or Miltank). This is actually an Annoy Team, even though it has many Sweepers. With Rest + Heal Bell, the Sweepers won't seem to faint!

  • Spiker, Physical Sweeper, Special or Mixed Sweeper, Tanker, Drainer, and Cleric.

This team is purely Annoying. The Sweepers are for Stallers or Drainers such as Ludicolo, but with a Spiker, Drainer and a Tanker, you will seriously aggravate your opponent, especially with a Cleric. A Sleep Talker would fit the theme here, and of course two or more Hazers or Pseudo-Hazers are needed. The more you Roar or Whirlwind, the more your opponent will be hurt with Spikes.

  • Baton Passer, Baton Passer, Physical Sweeper, Physical Sweeper, Special or Mixed Sweeper, and Magnezone/Probopass.

This is really a weak team in the hands of a novice but powerful in the hands of an experienced battler. It is true that Roar and Whirlwind clear Status Changes, but a good battler would know what to Baton Pass, when to Baton pass, and when to send in Magnezone or Probopass. One of Magnezone's traits is Magnet Pull, which prevents Skarmory from switching, getting rid of one major Pseudo-Hazer. Probopass can also have this trait. This team relies heavily on prediction.

  • Zapdos, Umbreon, Celebi, Drainer, Physical Sweeper, and Special Sweeper.

Once again, this team requires a lot of prediction and should only be handled by experienced battlers. Umbreon can use Mean Look and Baton Pass to Celebi and Celebi can use Perish Song. Zapdos' Thunder Wave and Substitute makes this strategy easier, especially because Umbreon and Celebi will not take that much damage from a Paralyzed Pokémon.

  • Spiker or Drainer, Special or Mixed Sweeper, Heracross, Magnezone, Dugtrio, and Shuckle.

If you're been battling for a while, then you should know what to do here. Shuckle's Wrap and Encore keep its opponent in while you switch to Heracross or Dugtrio, doing damage. Magnezone is there once again for Skarmory, and it's nice to have a Spiker to take off more damage as your opponent switches since this is a major Annoy team. As always, you need a Sweeper to take down those Stallers.

Some more terms:

  • Physical Sweeper - A sweeper that inflicts physical damage.
  • Special Sweeper - A sweeper that inflicts special damage.
  • Baton Passer - A pokemon that can use 'Baton Pass'.
  • Mixed Sweeper - A sweeper that inflicts both physical damage and special damage.
  • Wall - A wall is a pokemon that is good at absorbing lots of damage with great defenses. They are a good counter to sweepers, with moves that can reduce their stats.
  • Drainer - A drainer is able to drain/steal health from their opponent.
  • Cleric - A cleric is a pokemon that can heal allies. (Heal bell or aromatherapy)
  • Spiker - A spiker is a pokemon that can use the move 'Spikes'.

  • Neutralize your weaknesses

For example, if you have a pokemon that is weak against a water type, try to include a grass type in your lineup.

Finally, make sure you don't have too many pokemon of the same type or else facing an opponent with a pokemon that is super effective against multiple pokemon will be difficult.

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One important strategy to pokemon is type coverage. there are many pokemon, so it may be a little difficult to come up with a team consisting of the right balance of resistances. From my experience, I have found that speed and power alone are not quite enough to win a battle. support pokemon that poison, paralyze and burn foes are helpful. Also, pokemon like skarmory are good at setting up spikes and/or stealth rock. having immunity to certain types is good too! steel pokemon are immune to all poison moves and ground types are immune to electricity! of course there are other means of immunity as well. Arcanine and ninetales have flash fire, making them immune to fire moves. Jolteon has volt absorb allowing it to be healed by any electrical move when hit by one. so to conclude, just keep exploring with pokemon and see what you can come up with. I'm sure you will find something great.

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This team is pretty good for baton passing

  • Umbreon with Leftovers
    • Curse
    • Substitute
    • Baton Pass
    • Protect/Toxic/Double team

It can be pretty annoying cause of its nasty HP, making its substitute last pretty long. I prefer it cause it has good HP and awesome Defense/Special Defense.

A good strategy is to Double Team a lot while your Substitute is up, and then keep using Curse. Once done, Baton Pass out.

  • Ninjask with any item
    • Double Team
    • Swords Dance
    • Baton pass
    • Protect

After using Curse (and you didn't choose Double Team) Baton pass to Ninjask (since Umbreon's substitute will last pretty long). Its speed boost will help you regain the speed you lost while Cursing. If the substitute fades you can still Baton Pass out or Protect

  • Garchomp with a Lum berry
    • Outrage
    • Earthquake
    • Brick break
    • Flamethrower

This Pokemon is insane, even more so now you've raised stats with Curse/Double Team etc. With your Substitute, Baton Pass to this guy and he can sweep entire teams alone. This guy does not need baton pass cause it doesnt learn it i guess :P

  • Magnezone with Air balloon
    • Flash cannon
    • Thunder/Thunderbolt
    • Shock wave
    • Magnet rise

This Pokemon doesnt have many weaknesses, so its kinda like a wall. Use Magnet Rise if your Air Balloon pops.

  • Crobat with any item
    • Double Team
    • Toxic
    • Protect
    • Attract

This is a really irritating moveset. You don't need Baton Pass as it has high base Speed and Attack/Special Attack. You can make Crobat into an offensive Pokemon if you wish, by replacing some moves with ones like Aerial Ace, Fly, Sludge Bomb Poison Fang

  • Spiritomb with Leftovers
    • Hypnosis
    • Dream eater
    • Curse
    • Meanlook

The foe is a deadman if that Hypnosis hits. Use Mean Look and Curse as a combo, and Hypnosis and Dream eater as a combo.

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Some suggestions:

Milktank is a annoy combination wall plus sweeper. It's milk drink helps with the annoying sweepers, plus heal bell for big problems. Then the rollout. Lots of damage quick quick quick. Curse is fine or toxic.

Blissey is a well balanced pokemon. It hits hard with seismic toss. Soft boiled heals it, plus a annoying substitute. Toxic is nice, so definitely use it. Chansey is also useful for the same reason.

Aegislash is a banned pokemon in OU format by smogon, but it is a beast otherwise. The shadow sneak attack is always first, and does 40 base power. Not too good until you see the BASE attack. 150. Also is the same for sp. attack. Changing forms is useful to change attacking stats to defensive stats. It's premium move lowers your opponents stats and the opponents attack does nothing unless it's toxic or thunder wave or something like that. However the accuracy is like protect. Still, it is really useful. Then it's the sacred sword, which is amazing with its attack. Plus, it has iron head. And if you are almost dead, destiny bond is there for you. I like it speedy for destiny bond.

Breloom is a drainer sweeper. Giga drain and drain punch work well. Substitute as well. Hold a toxic orb if it has poison heal, to heal a lot more hp than leftovers, which is still really good. This works well. Also try glisor with the toxic orb too. Put double team on glisor.

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try to make a team that compliments each other like a trick room team or maybe or try to make a combo team full of baton passers getting massive stat boosts.

PS:SOMEONE out there CAN take out your team with NO effort at all this doesnt mean your team is bad but if it happens a lot or your team can be taken apart by popular competitive pokemon you should rethink your team

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