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I noticed that when I played the piano in the very first town you go to it came up Got better at piano or words to that effect.

So I was just wondering, do you have a 'piano' skill so to speak. I imagine that you will play better songs as you try each piano in each town. Is there any benefit to doing this?

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When you have played on all 8 pianos, you will gain 2 new songs for your bards.

From the FAQ (relevant part in bold):

The only pianos actually giving you any benefit are the seventh and last piano tunes, but you need to have played all others to actually access these. The seventh tune inspires the Bard in Crescent to teach you Mana's Paean, the final tune inspires him to teach you Hero's Rime. In addition, your piano skills soar to unknown heights. Sure, it's useless versus Exdeath, but wouldn't you rather be an erudite homo universalis than a rampaging brute?

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Are the names of those songs the same on the PS1 version and the original RPGe translation? – Fambida Jun 18 '12 at 5:25
I would posit that, given that they allowed a team of four single-class Bards to beat Exdeath, they are not useless. :P – Rilgon Arcsinh Jun 20 '12 at 16:35

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