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I've just bought several bags of sand from a Trader - thought I'd play around with making some glass.

But, I cannot find the correct stockpile setting to get my sand stockpiled next to the glass furnace.


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By default, bags of sand are stored in a Furniture Stockpile. But you can also mess with the stockpile settings (q, cursor over the stockpile, s) to restrict your stockpile to only sand. Under the "Furniture/Siege Ammo" category, sand types are under the "Metals" settings.

On another note: if there is exposed sand on your map you can tell your dwarves to gather sand (so you don't always have to buy it from a trader). You need to set up a zone over the sand on the ground and designate it for sand collection. Then, at a glass furnace, issue the collect sand task.

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Ah ha! There it is. Thanks very much. I'd looked at bags under furniture, but sand wasn't under materials and I didn't bother checking in metals... – DMA57361 Sep 13 '10 at 18:49
I can't explain why it's there. :) – JavadocMD Sep 13 '10 at 19:10
shrug on closers inspection a lot of non-metal stone (and some gems) are in "metal", so maybe it should really be "stuff you dig"? – DMA57361 Sep 13 '10 at 19:22
@DMA57361 I've noticed that. It makes it hard to do a bars stockpile as well. – C. Ross Sep 14 '10 at 12:39
And don't forget to have a stockpile near your glass kiln set to hold all of your nice empty bags for the sand gathering. – Mark Ripley Jun 5 at 12:56

It appears to have been moved as of 40.08 (probably earlier, but this is the first time I've tried to find it recently...)

I found it in "Furniture/Siege Ammo" => Type => "sand bags".

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