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Most effective late-game XP farming?

I don't know if it's a common problem, but I finished Nightmare mode and had only just reached level 49. I can't enter Hell until I get to Level 50. What act/area/quest is the best to grind repeatedly to get the required experience as quickly as possible?

Presumably the same place will be the best for Normal --> Nightmare, Nightmare --> Hell and Hell --> Inferno.

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Did not realize that Hell didn't unlock if you were not level 50. I was 51 when I ended NM so didn't see that. Good to know for my other characters though. – Valien Jun 20 '12 at 14:12

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I had the same problem. I finished Nightmare at 47 and had to grind the last few levels to start Hell.

Here's what I found that was the best combination of good exp, non-tedious, and actually pretty fun.

  1. Choose the very first quest in Act 3.
  2. Run to the first part of the "Light 5 signal fires" quest where the guard calls to watch out for the meteor and a pack of goblins runs down the stairs.
  3. Go for the highest "Massacre" bonus you can get. Once you stop, leave game and try again.

I usually got massacres of 70-90 almost immediately followed by a second one of roughly the same size (never was able to chain them together, was so close though a few times). Each run gave me about 2 bars of exp.

It works because in the first 3 areas you get a 90%-ish chance of a large goblin pack spawning. These are very easy to dispatch quickly and move forward. You'll meet the first one right at the top of the stairs. Then you'll either be able to go up the stairs on the left to a platform, or around the battlement to the right. Go right, there is almost always another large pack of goblins. Fight through them and you come to the second large area of the level where there is a third goblin clan.

This method got me from 47 to 50 in 30-45 minutes.

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I personally prefer Act 3 for farming levels - lots of enemies in an enclosed space which allows you to AOE everything down and force large numbers of enemies through tight corridors.

As mentioned by Xenogard the other option is Act 4 as you will get a reasonable number of quest rewards from the boss fights.

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Yeah starting Act 3 over and over again is really good. You benefit from the 10-20 enemies per screen as you usually get massacre and have enough time to recover for the next fight. Try go get some +XP stuff. This should work because if you can survive Act IV Act III with crappier items should work fine. I had to do this from level 56 to 60. – ayckoster Jun 20 '12 at 21:10

If you only need one more level I would say just run all the way through act IV a few times, its very short and has quite a few back to back boss fights. That alone should be able to tip you over the edge.

Act I Hell is not that hard, just play it safe around champions/elites and you'll be fine.

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I personally prefer Izzy/Diablo runs, especially if you're already close to level 50. You're guaranteed 3 uniques from the ghosts, as well as at least a few more in the area in general, plus 2 bosses. If you need more XP, then start earlier in the act.

I'm not sure how ilvl's are distributed through Nightmare, but if it's similar to Hell, than doing anything earlier than Act 3 will be basically useless from a gear perspective.

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I took Azmodan runs from level 48 to level 58 on Nightmare and Then I did Diablo runs until level 60.

Azmodan runs Go to the waypoint at azmodan an go kill him, then go take the portal to act 4. log out and repeat. this will give arround 80.000 exp in 3 minutes

Diablo runs Just go kill diablo 48.000 exp in 5 minutes

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Umm this was nerfed out of existence as far as I know. I leveled the same way on my first character but it is no longer a good option. – stoj Jun 20 '12 at 17:42
@Oldenborg the additional quests after killing Azmodan were removed from the game, dramatically destroying the XP you could get by farming this. There are sub bosses in some acts that give more XP now than killing the end boss of Act 3 :) – kalina Jun 21 '12 at 0:22

I'd prefer Azmodan runs to any other Act bosses, as running through the final map of Arreat usually spawns a horde of creeps for you to work your way through (you can also work on your Massacre! bonus, thereby giving you extra XP), then you can bring down Azmodan, grab the orb (+XP here), talk to the guard, go towards the betrayal by Adria part (+XP here), then restart the entire quest again from the "Kill Azmodan" Quest.

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See comment on Oldenborg's answer - Azmodan runs got nerfed into the group with multiple quests being removed. You no longer get XP after the cutscene with Adria. – kalina Jun 21 '12 at 0:29
ahh, damn. what! darn you blizzard :( – Kyle Yeo Jun 21 '12 at 4:12

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