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I have been playing Tower mode in Spelltower and have had middling success, as I'm not sure whether it is better to go for lots of short words, a few long words, trying to use as many tiles as possible, etc.

What is the best tactic for high scoring words and games in Spelltower?

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Seems that it is best to go for the long words. Check out this article about a spelltower genius.

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Welcome to Gaming Stack Exchange, and thank you for your contribution. However, given the sometimes transitory nature of the internet it's generally considered helpful to respond with more than merely a single URL in your answer. Consider expanding this answer with a brief summary of the article you're linking to. – Shadur Jan 10 '13 at 7:44

Long words are best in Tower mode. I look for places to line up 'tion' endings then look for words to connect.

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