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I've purchased Canabalt multiple times for multiple platforms. Most recently, I purchased it as part of the Humble Bundle for Android #2, which included the soundtrack.

I downloaded the soundtrack, and unzipped it, to find it contained MP3 files for 3 songs:

  • RUN!
  • Daring Escape
  • Mach Runner

Now, the song RUN! is very familiar. It's the song playing in the background every single time I play Canabalt. But the other two songs - Daring Escape and Mach Running - are new to me. I've played Canabalt long enough to run over 13,000 meters, and I've only ever heard RUN!

So I'm curious, where are the other 2 songs used in the game? If you eventually run far enough will the music change? Or are they used elsewhere? Or were they perhaps written for the game and not used?

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In the Android version of Canabalt, the top-right corner of the screen has a music note icon. To the left of this icon is the currently selected music. If you tap the icon, the current music cycles between these three tracks. I suspect other versions of the game have a similar method of changing music.

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iOS version has the Now Playing song listed in the top right corner. No icon like Android, but clicking on the song name will cycle through the three songs. – Doozer Blake Jun 20 '12 at 21:08
I had no idea that was there! And now it seems so obvious. I guess it's because it doesn't appear while you're actually playing that I didn't see it, because I'm always so quick to jump past the title screen. Thanks for your help. – Joshua Carmody Jun 21 '12 at 19:04

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