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What is the largest world map that anyone has created from exploring? Is there a maximum size?

I'm curious, because I'm generating a map using Tectonicus for a single-player world where I have explored quite a bit and right now java.exe is using over 9.5GB of RAM.

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From MineCraftWiki:

In practice, technical reasons (the limits of 32-bit math1) force the maximum map size, including the Far Lands, to be around 9.3 million times the surface area of Earth1

Basically, Minecraft has the capability to create a map bigger than any HDD could hold.

Now, the largest map I've seen in existence is a 23GB map someone generated based off of World of Warcraft map files, but I don't know of a definitive "largest map".

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Thanks, after a few links past that one reading about the Far Lands, I've discovered this: He's been walking west for charity. – travis Jun 22 '12 at 4:05

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