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I was breeding the Snow and Seaweed dragons, and got the Pearl egg. But my egg is blue with a pearl in the middle, not like the picture I saw, where it looks like a pearl. My question is, why are there two different eggs, and what is the difference, if there is one?

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The egg changed. I speculate that it's in an effort to make all gem eggs similiar. To quote the wiki:

The egg for the Pearl Dragon was changed on June 12 from a pale pink egg to a multicolored egg with a pearl in the middle.

The original looked like this:


The new one looks like this:


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I think they're trying to make the egg look more realistic. Before the egg looked kind of like a cut and paste kind of thing. But just like firefly and scorch ( I'm not sure if I spelled that right) they change the eggs. They just want the eggs to look the same and different like they don't want it to look like there will be a series of them where you can breed them etc.

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