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I just beat Overlord on Floor 25, then I got a nice wrap up, end credits, and bam, back to title screen. Yet when I look around online I see that the game goes on for another 5 floors and there is a "true" last boss. The game really gives no indication (unless I just missed it) that the player is supposed to return to the game after the end credits roll.

What is the purpose of these 5 floors? Why do they come after the credits instead of just making the game 5 floors longer? I'm pretty satisfied with Etrian Odyssey 2 (ready to move on to 3), so I'd like to know if I can safely move on without missing much, or if it's like a vital/major part of the game to go up through Floor 30 to the "true" last boss.

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Etrian Odyssey post-game dungeons are for people that want a harder game, or really enjoy copying other people's Internet advice. They do extend the plot, but it's not like you won't understand Etrian Odyssey III if you skip II's post-game (or even the entire game).

They come after the credits because RPGs almost always put more things to do after the credits.

If you're happy where II ended, go onto III - II is a relatively poor game and III is much better anyway.

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Thank you. I'll just move onto III :) – CptSupermrkt Jun 26 '12 at 0:36

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