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I played infinity blade 2. Then I chose new game +. For weeks no problem. I enjoy the fact that I can gain level again.

Then suddenly after some update or what, I am back to the original rebirth.

With all of my powerful weapon intact.

I press new game + again and it goes back to the original screen (with the same position and stuff).

I defeated god king several time again, still can't go to new game +

To make things annoying, when I want to play again from the beginning I often accidentally press rather the character slots. That ERASED my old character.

Finally I tried again from the beginning. After defeating god king I still can't do new game +

Then I deleted infinity blade 2. Redownload it, and then play again, defeat god king again.

I still can't do new game +

Is tis a bug?

Am I the only one with this issue?

The new game + option is there.

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